Responsible Investment

Increase the integration of environmental, social and governance issues into investment decisions and expand our product and service offering for a positive impact economy.

ESG: the three letters that mobilize the financial market for an increasingly sustainable economy.

When we invest, we expect a return in the future. But in which future are we investing our resources? We believe that environmental, social, and corporate governance factors are important long-term performance drivers for companies.

As such, we integrate ESG factors into our investment process through a proprietary analysis methodology that aims to estimate the financial impact of these issues on traditional valuation models.

We are committed to responsible investing, so we offer the investing public a diverse shelf of products and services for a positive impact economy.

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In progress

Reach an ESG assessment coverage for 99.84% of our assets under the management of Itaú Asset.


Have an ESG investment offer that is always open for funding. In this sense, we have already launched different strategies such as Itaú Index ESG Água and Itaú Active Fix ESG.


We want to continually grow our volume of ESG assets under management. By 2020, we added R$400 million in assets in our ESG funds.

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ESG Recommended Portfolio

We are pioneers in creating a diversified portfolio of assets covering fixed income, equities, and local and foreign commodities. Through the monthly letter we also want to encourage management institutions and issuers to make new products available.

Integration of climate scenarios

We have developed a materiality matrix to assess the impact of climate change on different industries and companies.

ESG Fund Guide

The number of funds claiming to be ESG has blew up in recent years. But what is an ESG investment? Where do these funds invest their money? We support Capital Reset in their inventory taking ESG Funds available in Brazil.


The Itaú Excelência Social (FIES) Fund was created in 2004 and is an investment fund that invests in socially responsible companies. This fund aims at contributing to the improvement of the quality of education in Brazil, the fund allocates 50% of its management fee to qualify the performance of civil society organizations (CSOs) that contribute to the full development of children and adolescents.

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The Ecomudança (eco-change) family of investment funds was created in 2009 as part of the strategy to offer investments that contribute to positive changes in society with donations. These funds are managed by Itaú Asset Management allocate 30% of the management fees received to organizations responsible for innovative projects with a positive social and environmental impact.

Download the previous reports of benefited projects: