Regulations and Policies

What is it?

The Social, Environmental and Climate Responsibility Policy PRSAC consist of a set of social, environmental and climate principles and guidelines to be observed while conducting the organization’s business, activities and processes, as well as in its relationship with stakeholders.

Questions and suggestions related to PRSAC and its application can be forwarded to the email:

Why is it important?

The commitment to sustainable development is at the core of our operations and in the way we generate value for society. Our sustainability strategy, expressed in the Positive Impact Commitments, guides the integration of social, environmental and climate aspects in our business by permeating the entire organization and guiding decision-making at all levels.

Governance and Transparency

To guarantee the advancement of our strategy and ensure the effectiveness of PRSAC we rely on a robust governance structure, composed of the following forums: Board of Directors (BD); Social, Environmental and Climate Responsibility Committee, linked to the BD; Institutional Relations and Sustainability Office; Superior ESG Council (Executive Committee level); in addition to a team dedicated to social, environmental and climate issues and other Itaú departments that may be involved as stakeholders.