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Daily Economic Activity Tracker.

Our daily economic activity tracker’s 7-day moving average reached 109.4 (latest available data from Wednesday, November 22). The 28-day moving average is at 108.3, compared to the averages of 3Q23 (106.6), 2Q23 (107.5), and 1Q23 (107.8).

At the margin, IDAT-Activity advanced, as both IDAT-Goods and IDAT-Services improved.

Please beware that due to regular reassessment of historical data, the level of the IDAT series was recently revised (mostly upwards) for 2022 and 2023.

We revised IDAT-Activity’s methodology on 07/27/2022 (see here). The complete family of IDAT indexes (Activity, Employment and Wages) can be found at Bloomberg (ticker: ALLX PIBI) platform. The IDAT-Activity series can be found at Broadcast and ValorPRO (ticker: IDAT) platforms.