_ESG indicators

learn about our environmental, social, and governance indicators

We believe that it is essential to stay focused on market trends in terms of good reporting practices, and on the evolution of regulatory issues. Currently, one of the market’s main areas of focus is on the challenges of standardizing and integrating ESG issues into corporate reporting and disclosures.

In this context, we follow guidelines from institutions such as the Value Reporting Foundation (VRF), Global Reporting (GRI), and Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) to identify the most relevant indicators and metrics that should be tracked as part of quality ESG management to ensure consistent and complete disclosure.

To facilitate access to information and ensure comparability between the ESG indicator and metric results disclosed for recent years, we have produced material that consolidates this data.

ESG Indicators

Indicadores ambientais, sociais e de governança

_environmental indicators


of eletrical energy consumed
from renewable sources

8.000 MWh

of renewable energy
generated by solar panels


million metric ton. CO2
of financed emissions


reduction in eletricity
consumption in the year


reduction in total
waste generated


reduction in materials
sent to recycling

_governance indicators


independent board members,
acording S&P criteria


of female directors
on the Board

R$ 1.5

million invested
in advocacy

0 cases

of corruption involving
private or public agents


of employees trained
in the integrity and ethics
program (2020 – 2022)


of the employees signed
to the terms of integrity policies