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    program KPI’s

    The KPIs are part of the monitoring pillar of the integrity and ethics program and are intended to enable the effectiveness and adequacy of potential program needs to be monitored, as well as to contribute to the awareness of employees and administrators about the most important topics and practices which aim to ensure good business, relationships, and the integrity and ethics of Itaú Unibanco.

    Term of adherence to corporate integrity policies

    This term has the purpose to reflect the annual and electronic adherence of Itaú Unibanco’s employees and administrators to the main corporate integrity policies that concentrate the most important guidelines on the subject. What are they?


    Adherence term to integrity policies


    In 2020 we published internal awareness campaigns as part of the Integrity and Ethics Program based on the Code of Ethics and Conduct topics. Among the main topics we addressed in 2019 are:

    • Relations with customers and suppliers
    • Professional attitude
    • Offer and receipt of invitations and tickets
    • Whistleblowing and doubts channels
    • Receipt of gifts


    In 2021, we had the following communications: registration of proximity relationships, relationships with suppliers, activities and external societies, whistleblowing channels, customer relationships, courtesies and gifts, corruption and communication of Pro-Ethics recognition to employees.

    In 2022, campaigns and communications were carried out regarding several topics, among them:

    • Update of the Itaú Unibanco Code of Ethics and Conduct;
    • Guidance and Denouncement Channels;
    • Social Networks;
    • Offer of Invitations and Tickets;
    • Conflicts of Interest;
    • Relationship with Public Agents;
    • Reception of Invitations at International Units;
    • Relationship with Suppliers


    In 2020 the Integrity and Ethics Education Program brought together the most important e-learning sessions of the program. They are applied to all employees and the training is renewed every two years.

    In 2022, the employee continue to be trained in the trail launched in 2020 and the adherence goal was achieved.

    trainings held in the integrity and ethics program metric
    2020 2021 2022
    adherence of the collaborators to the Term of Integrity and Ethics % 93,5% 93,5% 97,0%
    employees who completed the integrity program % N. A N. A 98,0%
    ethics % 92% 98,0% 99,0%
    corruption prevention % 92% 99,0% 99,0%
    customer and user relationship % 90% 93,0% 99,0%
    money laundering prevention % 93% 98,0% 99,0%
    sustainability % 93% 90,0% 98,0%
    diversity and human rights % 90,0% 98,0%
    compliance % 91% 98,0% 99,0%
    information security % 92% 95,0% 99,0%
    supplier relations % 90% 93,0% 99,0%
    occupational health and safety % 90% 90,0% 98,0%

    Cases of corruption

    In our investigations, we did not show involvement of our employees in the event of corruption involving public agents, which are part of the Anticorruption law or the Clean Company Law. In 2021 we concluded the analysis of nine complaints about suspected acts of corruption involving private agents and, through an internal investigation, we concluded that two of them proved to be valid, resulting, in one case, in the dismissal of an employee, and in the other, dismissal of a service provider as well as termination of two suppliers’ contracts.

                Probable Acts of corruption



    The Internal Ombudsman’s Office is charged with addressing interpersonal conflicts and conflicts of interests in the work environment involving the management and employees of Itaú Unibanco. This is an independent channel that has full autonomy within the Organization, reporting directly to the CEO’s Office.

    In 2022, the volume of contacts received by the Internal Ombudsman’s Office increased by 28% (a growth of 35% in requests for guidance and 23% in complaints) compared to 2021. We believe that our actions around diversity and respect within the Organization, demonstrated by the institutional campaigns and affirmative actions carried out during the year, including unveiling the new “Itubers Culture”, reinforcing the expected values and behaviors, helped drive this increase, giving employees the confidence to express themselves more openly and make the channel aware of situations.


    Volume of contacts

    guidance 2020 2021 2022
    guidance actions 812 865 1,170


    complaints 2020 2021 2022
    complaints handled 1,124 1,346 1,651
    employees reported 1,221 1,520 1,779
    legitimate cases (%) 39% 44% 35%


    Main behaviors identified in legitimate complaints

    behaviors 2020 2021 2022
    shaming 16,5% 16,5% 17,6%
    poor management and communication 15,8% 17,0% 16,6%
    disrespect 14,6% 12,8% 13,7%
    non-compliance with rules 19,4% 26,5% 11,5%
    unreasonable demands 12,6% 7,7% 11,3%
    bullying/gossiping 8,7% 6,3% 10,3%
    intimidation 5,4% 4,8% 5,4%
    sexual harassment 2,1% 2,0% 3,9%
    discrimination 0,5% 2,0% 3,1%
    bad character 2,4% 1,4% 2,8%
    bullying 1,7% 2,0% 2,5%
    retaliation 0,5% 1,0% 1,2%


    Penalties applied to employees involved in the complaints

    IMPLEMENTED MEASURES 2020 2021 2022
    Dismissal 69 117 125
    Warning 122 153 137
    Feedback recorded 300 392 334
    Total measures implemented 491 662 596
    Integridade e ética