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Equities Registrar

We offer comprehensive registrar solutions for equities. Services include electronic registration and bookkeeping for both shares and units. We also provide additional services to issuers, such as Long Term Incentive Plan (LTIP) management.

service available to:

service available to:

  • Publicly traded companies

  • Private companies

what we do

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  • Book registration and bookkeeping

    Involves electronic registration of stock ownership and shareholder encumbrances and liens, as well as bookkeeping.

  • Underwriting

    Stocks subscription process, including parameter-setting, calculation of rights and registration for purchase-order purposes.

  • Payments settlement and Corporate Events

    Payments calculation and settlement (Dividends, Interest on Shareholders’ Equity). Corporate Events operationalization.

what sets us apart

Learn about what we have to offer.

what sets us apart

Learn about what we have to offer.

  • a wide range of services

    Additional and innovative solutions for equities.

  • expert staff

    A dedicated team to address our customer needs.

  • other assets

    Registrar to several fixed income assets and closed-end funds.

  • market leaders

    We are the largest registrars for B3-listed stocks.

Digital General Meeting

Holders of book shares have available the convenience of attending general meetings comfortably and promptly over the Internet.

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Fixed Income

Closed-end Funds

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