reunião de executivos em volta de uma mesa

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With over 40 years’ capital markets experience, Itaú Investment Services has in place a staff of experts to provide guidance and solutions in the areas of Fund Custody and Controllership, Fiduciary Management, Registrar Services, and Guarantee Controls.

Our Latin-American presence provides an integrated experience that can meet all manner of capital market processing needs.

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reunião de executivos em volta de uma mesa
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digital general meeting

When you invest in a company, you become a part owner, and may have a right to play a role in its decisions. General Meetings are forums for the discussion of matters relevant to a company’s shareholders, including, for example, the election of Managers or Directors.

Digital General Meetings enable voting over the Internet.

Who may cast distance votes?

All shareholders may use distance voting, but the process varies in each case and depends on where the shares are kept in custody.

If you or your company have stockholdings on Itaú’s books, register now for the Digital General Meeting! If your shares are under the custody of a brokerage house, contact it to determine distance voting procedures.

If you have any questions, view the tutorial below, or contact our shareholder service.

digital Assembly tutorial

We prepared 4 explanatory tutorials with all the information:

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