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Fixed Income Registrar

Itaú Investment Services has a dedicated and specialized team providing service to issuers and operationalizing and settling fixed-income assets, while keeping system records.

what sets us apart

Learn about what we have to offer.

what sets us apart

Learn about what we have to offer.

  • A wide range of services

    Innovative solutions regarding fixed income market

  • Expert staff

    A dedicated team to address our customer needs

  • Other assets

    Other assets Registrar services for issuers and managers

  • Corporate governance

    Regularly audited controls

our services

Learn about our solutions.
  • Debentures

    Corporate debt instruments backed by credit rights settled by means of principal and interest payments.

  • Financial Bonds

    Financial Institutions may issue these securities as an alternative source of long-term funding.

  • CRI

    Certificates of Real-Estate Receivables are backed by real estate credits and issued by securitization companies.

  • CRA

    Certificates of Agribusiness Receivables are backed by receivables originating from transactions involving farmers.

other services

Learn about other services that may interest you.

Equities Registrar

Physical Custody for Issuers

Guarantees Control

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