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Physical Custody for Issuers

This solution is intended for issuers of assets with physical certificates, enabling completely secure asset custody and liquidation. Itaú’s role as depositary is to physically keep certificates (custody), to enter and maintain information into the appropriate systems, check information for consistency (quantity, series and issue of the assets registered with the depositary entity), and settle the securities by means of financial payments (interest, amortization, yield and redemption).

our products

Know the securities for which we provide physical custody services
  • Commercial Notes

    Securities under which the issuer commits to paying the creditor on a certain future date.

  • Real-Estate Credit Note (CCI)

    Represents a promised future payment originating from real-estate credits and issued by the creditor.

what sets us apart

Learn about all we have to offer.

what sets us apart

Learn about all we have to offer.

  • Expert Staff

    Securities structuring and settlement expertise

  • Information security and checking

    Regularly audited controls

  • Settlement

    Systems able to process thousands of daily transactions

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