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Non-resident Investors

Itaú offers custody representation services to investors without residence in Brazil and who intend to operate in the Brazilian market. 

For INRs to trade and operate assets in Brazil, the assets in question must be registered, booked and/or kept in custody in a deposit account with an entity authorized to provide such services by the Central Bank of Brazil or the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission.

service available to:

service available to:

  • Natural Entities

  • Legal Entities

  • Financial Institutions

Responsibilities of the institution

Foreign investors have the following services available:
  • Legal Representative

    The representative must be a financial institution duly authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil.

  • Tax Representative

    Responsible for tax-related matters before Brazilian authorities.

  • Custodian

    Responsible for keeping the documentation current and for custody over all of a foreign investor’s assets in Brazil.

what sets us apart

Learn about what we have to offer.

what sets us apart

Learn about what we have to offer.

  • Regional presence

    We are Latin America experts

  • Asset diversity

    A wide range of investments and assets

  • Expert staff

    Dedicated commercial and operational service

  • Security

    Technical mastery and regularly audited controls

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