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Local Funds Custody

The custody service is intended for investment funds or clubs and managed portfolios. It includes physical and financial assets settlement, custody, bookkeeping, and control of events associated therewith, providing an interface with depositary entities.

service available to:

service available to:

  • Investment Funds Administrators

  • Asset Managers

  • Brokerage Houses

  • Pension Funds, Insurers and companies

  • Financial Institutions

what we provide

Itaú’s portfolio includes the custody of all manner of fund structures and types, from those governed by CVM Instruction No. 555 to structured funds such as Credit Rights Investment Funds (“Fundos de Investimento em Direitos Creditórios” – FIDC), Equity Investment Funds (“Fundos de Investimentos em Participações “ – FIP),  Mutual Funds for Emerging Company Investing (“Fundos Mútuos de Investimento em Empresas Emergentes” – FMIEE), Exchange Trade Funds (ETF), or Index Funds, and Real-Estate Investment Funds (“Fundos de Investimento Imobiliário” – FII); as well as Pension Fund, Insurer or Corporate portfolios.

local custody portfolio

We provide service to various fund structures and types.
  • FIDC

    Credit Rights Investment Funds.

  • FIP

    Equity Investment Funds – FIP.


    Mutual Funds for Emerging Company Investing.

  • ETF

    Exchange Trade Funds, or Index Funds.

  • FII

    Real-Estate Investment Funds.

  • Managed Portfolios

    Investment Funds or Clubs, Pension Funds, Insurers, or Companies

what sets us apart

  • Security

    Regularly audited controls to ensure information and document security.

  • Staff

    A team of skilled experts on call to address each product’s specific requirements.

  • Technical knowledge

    We interact with regulatory and self-regulatory authorities to track standards and market changes.

  • Partnership

    We appreciate lasting relationships and wish to be a standing benchmark as partners and solution providers.

  • Technology

    We invest continuously in technology to ensure data processing capacity and information security.

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