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ADRs – American Depositary Receipts are share certificates issued by depositary institutions abroad and backed by Brazilian companies’ issues. ADRs are used by companies to secure funding abroad, and were developed by international financial institutions to overcome the natural barriers posed by differences in operational procedures, legal standards, and more.

ADR participants

Learn about the parties involved in an ADR process.
  • ADR Depositary Institution, or Issuer

    The foreign institution issuing the Depositary Receipts abroad.

  • Custodian

    Custodian Institution of the shares backing an ADR, which has been authorized by CVM to provide custody services in Brazil.

  • Sponsor

    The Brazilian publicly traded corporation issuing the assets backing an ADR.

  • Banks, brokers, custodians or dealers

    Intermediate, process and settle buy/sell/transfer instructions from investors.

what sets us apart

  • Security

    Regularly audited controls to ensure information security.

  • Expert staff

    Service and operations expertise, including for corporate events.

  • Upstanding market position

    A benchmark for ADR-related operations.

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