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Corporate Trust

The main purpose of this service is to have available a neutral agent to Control the Guarantees provided under agreements between two or more parties, as provided thereunder.

This includes management, custody, flows control, handling and financial investment of funds held in escrow as operation guarantees.

service available to:

service available to:

  • Large Investors

  • Companies

  • Institutional Customers

what set us apart

  • Dedicated service

    An exclusive team provides service to the parties to the agreement.

  • Technology

    We invest continuously in technology in pursuit of increased guarantees control security and agility.

  • Guarantee diversification

    A variety of investment products and receivables flows.

  • Inquiries available

    Bankline is available to all parties involved.

  • Ancillary services

    We provide a wide range of services that may supplement the operation’s structure, such as collections and payments.

  • Segregated activities

    The relevant account is kept in a category of its own and separated from a customer’s other operations.

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