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Local Funds

Investment funds and clubs controllership services cover performance of assets and liability control processes and accounting procedures, pursuant to the applicable law and the standards enacted by regulatory authorities.

service available to:

service available to:

  • Investment Funds Administrators

  • Financial Institutions

  • Brokerage Houses

  • Pension Funds, Insurers and companies

  • Assets

what we do

A controller’s main activities are as follows:
  • Information disclosure

    Information disclosure to both investors and internal and external auditors and regulatory authorities.

  • Calculations and processing

    Performance of the processes required for a fund to operate.

  • Accounting

    Service to auditors, net equity determination, tax bill payment, and information structuring.

  • Pricing

    Assigning prices to a fund’s assets as provided in the methodology filed with Anbima.

what sets us apart

Solutions for you.
  • Interfaces and downloads

    Quick and secure information transfers and searches, by means of direct communication between institutions.

  • Dedicated service

    A dedicated service team for the Investment Services Website.

  • Custom reporting

    Each manager may organize the information in certain reports according to their needs.

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