Strengthening our pact with Brazilian society

We recognize our role as a transformation agent and promoter of new cooperation models among different sectors of society. As the largest private bank in Brazil, we work to have the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) implemented through the application of public policies and joint agendas between the government and the third sector.

As it is our wish to continue to build a more sustainable world, we have set a series of goals intended to our priority relationship areas of education, culture, longevity and mobility:

investimento social privado

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Investing in initiatives that promote and enhance the quality of the Brazilian public education system, therefore helping improve learning with equity, reduce inequalities and ensure the full development and decent inclusion of children, teens and youths in society.

Status: Planning in progress

Supporting people development through art and culture, by providing a diverse array of cultural assets to improve the quality of life and the cultural development of Brazilian society.

Encouraging research, production of arts and preservation of Brazilian cultural memory, to strengthen the world of culture and its economic segments.

Promoting the democratization of culture and access to cinematography to the entire population, by giving priority to diverse films and content, developing a critical audience who plays an active role in society, and supporting projects that value different views of the movies.

Status: Planning in progress

Investing in the use of bikes as a transportation modality in large urban centers to promote a more inclusive and low-carbon economy.

Status: Planning in progress

Investing in the ongoing promotion of a protection network, financial security and digital inclusion aimed at improving the quality of life of the elderly.

Status: Planning in progress

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Bike itaú

Itaú invests in initiatives brought forward by the organized civil society and in the production of educational content, and has about 8,300 bikes in bike-sharing systems totaling over 40 million trips so far that have helped scale up active mobility in cities in Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

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(*) Available only in the cities: Pernambuco, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Salvador and Santiago.



Through its institutions and foundations, for over 30 years Itaú has been engaged in supporting education as a tool to change society and provide sustainable development in Brazil by helping enhance public policies and strengthen civil society.

Instituto Unibanco Education and Work

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Itaú Social


The positive impact of culture to share the intellectual heritage and promote learning in society is undeniable; therefore, our institutions and foundations support initiatives for the research, production and distribution of artistic content across Brazil.

Itaú Cultural Itaú Cinemas

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Longeviver (live longer) Program

The ItaúViverMais program puts great efforts into qualifying investments made by elderly funds, contributing with the formation and production of qualified content. It also features initiatives addressing the population aging scenario in connection with the digitalization of society.