The awards we receive are a practical recognition for the way we work with society and the environment. In 2020, we received 62 awards, including recognition for most valuable brand in the three main rankings.

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In 2021, we received a number of awards that further strengthened our reputation. See the list with some of the most important awards received by the bank during the period.

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The Empresa Pró Ética award for ethical companies

Pró-Ética is a Brazilian Federal Government initiative that is the fruit of the combined efforts of the public and private sectors to foster a more honest, ethical and transparent business environment in the country. The initiative consists of promoting the voluntary adoption of integrity measures by companies through public recognition of companies (regardless of their size or business area) that are committed to implementing measures for preventing, detecting and remediating corruption and fraud. It is the fourth consecutive time that we have been recognized as an ethical company with this award.

Municipal Seal of Human Rights and Diversity

The Municipal Seal of Human Rights and Diversity recognizes good practices in the management of diversity and promotion of human rights in companies, public entities and third sector organizations.