Responsible Management

We are committed to improving the environmental performance of our operations and promoting sustainable practices in our supplier chain.

Work with greater eco-efficiency in our operations and adopt good practices in our value chain.

We seek to reduce the environmental impact arising from our operations from a management committed to eco-efficiency by reducing the consumption of natural resources, waste generation, and greenhouse gas emissions in our operation and supply chain.

Learn about initiatives that strengthen our commitment to responsible management

Water Consumption

The reduction of water consumption and the diversification of supply sources are our strategic lines of action in water management. We have initiatives to source water from artesian wells and collect, treat and reuse rainwater and wastewater, reducing the dependence on river basins and increasing the share of alternative sources. The technological strategies that we act in the theme are contemplated in the installations of flow reduction devices, installation of vacuum flushes in our new building, equipment optimization and water meter automation.

We run on 100% renewable energy

The energy consumed by the bank has a low environmental impact: the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) since 2019 proves that 100% of our energy comes from renewable sources with zero emissions, considering the market-based approach. The incentive for renewable energy is also present in the expansion strategy for distributed energy generation, in the acquisition of energy from the Deregulated Market (ACL) and with the installation of photovoltaic panels for obtaining energy in administrative centers. Our strategies to reduce energy consumption are focused on research and implementation of new technologies associated with energy efficiency. The main actions related to this topic were the installation of LED bulbs, replacement of equipment with high energy consumption, automation of infrastructure and migration of processing to cloud.

Waste Management

We work on our supply chain with awareness-raising initiatives to reduce waste generation and ensure the proper disposal of the waste generated by our activities. In order to fulfill our environmental and social commitment, we have implemented a number of awareness-raising actions and projects at the units to reduce and properly dispose of waste, thus reducing the disposal in landfills. Initiatives include expanding the selective waste collection at our branches, improving waste measurement (with third-party certification), replacing single-use plastics, increasing common composting and implementing the recycling of cigarette butts, applying reverse logistics for coffee capsules, recycling paper towels and replacing individual dustbins with collective recyclable collectors. We have also implemented a zero landfill project, under which all organic waste is screened, sorted and subsequently sent for recycling and composting. Any waste that does not classify for these destinations will be co-processed and forwarded as raw material for cement production.


Periodically, we hold the “Itaú + Suppliers Meeting” and thematic workshops where we present the key ESG agendas. In 2022, we launched our new ESG questionnaire, which allowed us to learn more about the activities of our suppliers to guide the planning of actions and promote engagement. We also participate in the CDP Supply Chain, where we have developed a communication and engagement program with our suppliers to disclose their environmental and climate information and practices, aiming at identifying risks and opportunities.