Inclusive Management

Improve the employee experience and promoting a diverse, inclusive, healthy and purposeful environment.

We want to provide the best experience for those who work at Itaú.

We are committed to offering a healthy, inclusive, thriving workplace that generates development and well-being. By adopting good practices in development, health and safety, diversity and inclusion, we seek to ensure a differentiated experience for male and female employees in their professional journey with the bank.

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Ensure high level in employee satisfaction and engagement surveys.

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Fostering employee development through training programs and inspiring a culture of learning

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Increasing the employees’ engagement in physical and mental wellbeing programs.

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Encourage the constant build-up of a healthy work environment.

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By 2025, have 35 to 40 percent women in leadership.
Aligned with the goal of having 50% women and 40% black people represented in the incoming flow (hiring).

In progress

By 2025, have 27 to 30 percent black representation in the organization, with progress at all levels, including leadership.
Aligned with the goal of having 50% women and 40% black people represented in the incoming flow (hiring).

In progress

Evolve programs for attracting, selecting and developing employees with disabilities.

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In 2017, we started the home office pilot program as a working model to offer more flexibility. At the beginning of the pandemic, approximately 56,000 people from the back-office departments, digital branches, and call centers started working in this model. From the experience, we started studies to evaluate the possibility of adopting new ways of working in the future.

Employee Net Promoter Score (e-NPS)

Since 2018, we have been measuring the level of recommendation of Itaú Unibanco as a company to work for. The e-NPS is conducted bimonthly, and each individual employee receives an invitation to participate in the survey at least once a year.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We are made of people and we believe that having a staff with a plurality of origins, races, disabilities, genders, affective-sexual orientations, and generations contributes to a climate of respect and appreciation of differences. As one of the largest employers in Brazil we recognize our role in driving diversity, inclusion and equity of opportunities in our organization and in society.

Health, safety and well-being

We seek to maintain an integral vision of the Health and Safety of our employees in its difference interfaces: emotional, interpersonal, occupational, and social. We believe that a healthy workplace contributes both to the promotion and maintenance of health, therefore, we develop actions to prevent, early diagnose, and rehabilitate our employees by seeking to offer a healthy, inclusive, prosperous environment that generates development and well-being.