Inclusion and entrepreneurship

We are committed to increasing financial inclusion for micro, small and mid-sized entrepreneurs through products and services and improving the financial management of their businesses.

We consider it essential to encourage and promote entrepreneurship in Brazil.

Using our products and services, partnerships and investments, we promote the development of small businesses, based on the access to financial resources, tools, and solutions that improve business management and increase their growth potential.

Learn about the targets of this commitment

In progress

Contribute to the growth and prosperity of 300,000 micro, small and mid-sized businesses (revenues up to R$30 million/year) by 2026 by providing support to management and strategic decision-making, opening new markets, provide advice on debt restructuring and access to the best sources of financing for growth (representing at least 15% of the client base).

In progress

Contribute to financial inclusion by reaching 30 million clients through low-cost financial solutions by 2026, with at least 20 million from middle, lower-middled, and middle classes, and 10 million from the North and Northeast.

In progress

Increase the volume of credit for small and mid-sized companies led by women, reaching R$11 billion in credit concession, with at least 21 percent of the total portfolio, by 2024.

Learn about Itaú’s Inclusion and Entrepreneurship actions

Itaú Women Entrepreneur Program

The program supports the development of women-led businesses using an online platform that offers solutions and tools that empower women, introduce inspiring referrals, and facilitate contacts between female entrepreneurs. The ideation of the pilot program began in 2013 and continues in partnership with IFC, a member of the World Bank.


iti is a 100% digital bank with financial solutions such as payment account, credit and debit card, instant payments, in addition to offering cashback and special discounts on various products and services. Free for individuals, it has won over the young and unbanked public.

Itaú Meu Negócio

Itaú Meu Negócio (Itaú My Business) is a new Itaú platform with the goal of offering a complete ecosystem of non-banking solutions and services to small and mid-sized companies. The first solution to be part of this ecosystem is a tool for business management in partnership with Omie. Solutions are also being developed to support needs such as financial management, market access, and content.