Financial Citizenship

We are committed to expanding access to financial products and services and offer tools and content that support healthier financial decisions.

Financial Inclusion

Itaú expands access to products and services and promotes educational actions with tools and content that support healthier financial decisions. This is how we will include more people in the financial system. We seek to exercise our positive potential in the socioeconomic inclusion of our clients from financial guidance to reduce debts and making ethical, responsible offers by recommending suitable products and services, with clear information on the conditions offered.

Learn about Itaú’s Financial Education actions

Inteligência Financeira

Inteligência Financeira (Financial Intelligence) is a proprietary news platform from Itaú, developed in partnership with Editora Globo. It focus on investments, but financial planning and personal finance are complementing subjects. The platform’s goal is to simplify coverage of the financial market, helping those who want to start investing and do not know how to have access to quality information or people who already invest, to make the best decisions.

Minhas Finanças

Minhas Finanças (My Finances) is a feature of the Itaú app that makes it possible to monitor credit card and checking account spending for the purpose of helping people to have a better financial management of their money.

Financial Guidance

Itaú’s goal is to promote financial guidance and offer conditions for people to make more conscious decisions. We operate in offering products and services and preventing indebtedness by producing content and sharing information with our different audiences.

Poupar pra Render

A program to offer content and support in caring for personal finances. Aimed at those who receive their salary at Itaú, Poupar pra Render (Save to Gain) has a virtual content library, with videos, primers and infographics.

Sectoral Activity

Itaú is a member of the Brazilian Federation of Banks and supports the initiatives of the Meu Bolso em Dia platform. The blog is an open channel with content and tools on personal finance, and offers custom-made learning trails according to each person’s Financial Health Index.