Ethics in business and relationships

Promote the creation of a fair, ethical financial eco-system, aligned with the sustainable development agenda.

Ethics is the basis of everything we do

This commitment guides the various players in our business about the care and responsibility in relationships, operations and supply chain relative to ethics, fighting corruption and human rights violations, information security and cybersecurity, and any conducts that violate the commitments set out in our Code of Ethics and institutional policies.

Learn about the Itaú's Ethics in Relationships and Business actions

Integrity and Ethics Program

For us ethics is translated into the transparency, honesty in our relationship with our stakeholders, the quality of our services and products, and the concern with financial performance and environmental and social responsibility. We have a set of documents and practices that guide our conduct in all of our relationships. Our main document is the Code of Ethics and compliance with this Code is ensured through the Integrity and Ethics Program.

Reporting Channels

We have reporting and complaint channels, which timely, independently, impartiality and confidentiality investigate the reports received and keep a record of the events reported, investigations and decisions adopted.

Privacy and data protection

We have the commitment to always rigorously address each subject by taking the necessary measures to ensure the security and respect for the privacy of clients, employees, and other holders of personal data.

Regulatory measures

We comply with the requirements of the General Personal Data Protection Law (“LGPD”) and corresponding regulations—Resolution 4893/2021 of the National Monetary Council (CMN), and Resolution 85/2021, of the Central Bank of Brazil (“Bacen”)—that address the adoption of a cybersecurity policy and the need to hire relevant data processing and storage services, as well as cloud computing.

Information security management

Information security management for cybersecurity seeks to prevent data breaches, minimize denial-of-service risks, protect integrity, and prevent information leakage.