We are committed to contributing to the sustainable development of the Amazon by supporting initiatives that generate impact in the region.

Protecting the forest is defending life

Largest rainforest in the world, the Amazon is a globally important biome. There are 6.7 million sq.m. across more than eight countries, and 60% of its area are located in the Brazilian territory. As the forest with the world’s largest biodiversity and freshwater reservoir, the Amazon has also a key role as the planet’s climate regulator. In addition to all the natural wealth, it has a population of 28 million people and 198 indigenous ethnicities. This relevance has been challenged by the high deforestation rates recorded in the region, which jeopardize the environmental, social, economic and climate value of the Amazon.

That is why our goal is to contribute to the sustainable use of this biome, directly and indirectly, through financial and non-financial solutions to our clients, and the support to projects that generate positive impact in the region. To this end, the Amazon has been integrated as one of our Positive Impact Commitments.

The Amazon Plan

Launched in June 2020, in partnership with Bradesco and Santander, the Amazon Plan is an initiative that joins efforts to foster the sustainable development of the region.

The Plan is structured based on three strategic goals:

The three strategic goals incorporate the content of the ten measures defined at the beginning of the initiative, seeking to ensure full focus and robust results.


To ensure that the actions developed actually make headway and are aligned with the strategies of each of the partner banks, we have set up an integrated governance involving the Sustainability teams and the banks’ CEOs.

Additionally, an advisory board was set up with professionals from different areas with in-depth knowledge about the social, environmental and economic challenges in the Amazon, to support the implementation of the initiatives.