Amazonia Plan

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We are committed to contributing to the sustainable development of the Amazon by supporting initiatives that generate impact in the region.

Protecting the Amazon is defending life

The Amazon plays an essential role in regulating the climate and ecosystems. That’s why our goal is to contribute, directly and indirectly, to the sustainable use of this biome by financing companies and their production chains, by working with retail clients, and through our own initiatives in the social area. In view of the challenges related to deforestation and climate change, we have integrated the Amazon Plan into our Positive Impact Commitments. The initiative, launched in 2020 together with Bradesco and Santander, seeks to leverage the sustainable development of the region .

Amazon Plan

Launched in June 2020 together with Bradesco and Santander, this is an initiative to promote the sustainable development of the Amazon.

The plan has as its strategic focuses:

These strategic focuses permeate all actions related to the Amazon Plan, which has been structured into ten measures, four of which were prioritized in the first year.

Learn about the other work fronts of the Amazon Plan

The measures prioritized in the first cycle of the plan will remain on the agenda because they are structural for sustainable development. The other measures will be prioritized within the Amazon Plan over the next cycles, while respecting the strategic vision of each institution.

Green infrastructure

foster projects targeting economic development and preservation through green assets and financial instruments.

Social infrastructure

making investments in basic infrastructure for social development feasible.

Environmental asset market

foster projects that aim at economic development and preservation through assets and financial instruments with green backing, such as payment for environmental services (PES) and carbon credits.

Climate change

incorporate the impacts of climate change into credit policies and long-term investments and increase the transparency of our reporting.

Inclusion and financial guidance

expand the reach of businesses that promote inclusion and financial guidance in the region.

Incentive to local development projects

coordinate the creation of a fund for local players and leaderships that work in social and economic development projects in the region.