In 2019, we launched our new strategic sustainability vision, which is based on a diagnosis of global challenges, conversations with employees, internal leaders, representatives of the civil society, and supported by two external advisory firms. Over the past 3 years, we carried out a strategic review that led us to adopt a new Materiality. This vision is expressed through the Positive Impact Commitments – each of with includes transparent goals which will guide our business in the coming years. Each commitment relies on the “executives sponsors” responsible for the implementation and achievement of these goals, even though any employee may come forward to propose ways to integrate these topics into their activities and projects.

Our Commitments

The goals are grouped by themes, click on the contents below to know the details of each one.

Card 1
Financial Citizenship

Caring for the financial health of society

Card 2
Inclusion and Entrepreneurship

Supporting entrepreneurship to improve social development

Card 3
Responsible Management

Working with greater ecoefficiency and best practice in our value chain

Card 4
Responsible Investment

Offering products and services for a more sustainable economy

Card 5
Financing Positive in Impact Sectors

Financing sectors of the economy that encourage E&S development

Card 6
Inclusive Management

Promoting a diversified, inclusive and healthy environmen

Card 7
Ethics in Relations and Business

Maintaining a fair and ethical financial ecosystem

Card 8
Transparency in Communication

Strengthening business transparency beyond just financial results

Card 9

Preservation and promotion of positive impact in the region

Card 10
Private Social Investment

Reaffirming our pact with a Brazilian society

Positive Impact Commitments

Download our report on the evolution of the positive impact commitments

Our one-year journey (2020)

Our one-year journey (2021)

Learn about the phases to build
up Positive Impact Commitments

Build-up phases



Phase 1

Diagnosing our impact topics



Internal assessment

We perform extensive reviews of surveys conducted on major sustainability trends, historical data and lessons learned on projects performed in recent years.



Desk research

We assess market frameworks, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Accord. We seek significant data, cases and news in the sustainability world to understand the most up-to-date points of view of the topic, as well as identifying practical actions.



Dialogue with stakeholders

We realized In-depth interviews with experts who are sustainability benchmarks in Brazil and abroad.



Internal interviews

Interviews are held with representatives of the bank’s leadership and the Sustainability team to identify current demand and opportunities and to feed into the future direction of our operations.



Stakeholders panel

Participação de representantes da sociedade civil para dialogar sobre o papel do banco e potenciais de atuação, considerando diversos pontos de vista para a nossa estratégia.



Phase 2

New positioning: we evolute of sustainability strategy for a business strategy that creates positive impact.


We understand that Sustainability is related to using our way of doing business to work on world-threatening challenges. During this phase, we:



Hold workshops with executive boards



Set targets by impact topic



Set governance to achieve these targets (create a PMO to report)


Each commitment has at least one officer who is responsible for the goals action plans. These “executives sponsors” meet every quarter under the Positive Impact Committee to share the latest developments in the targets and projects related to each topic.



Phase 3

Making our commitments known to the public


In September 2019, we made public our positive impact commitments.

About these commitments

Commitments that are the basis for our conduct

This process of strategy review has led us to realize that our impacts arise from our actions– such as our employees’ that who work ethically at the organization, working towards the wellbeing, inclusion, diversity and development of these people, and by way of the responsible management of our productive activities and supply chain, ensuring the efficient use of resources and promoting sustainable practices across our supply chain.

Commitment to making a positive impact through our business (products and services)

In all our services, either investment or loan operations, we carry out our business in a responsible and proactive manner – as well as supporting our clients, making available find financial tools to access or expand their social or economic development.

Commitment to accountability

A positive impact is only achievable through transparent dialogue with society through our reporting and communications. This value is enacted by maintaining transparency regarding of the financial, social or environmental information impacts of productive activities. This has consequences for our stockholders, employees, clients and suppliers, as well as for society as a whole.

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E&S products

We want our business to drive a positive changes on the lives of people. For this reason, we seek to create products and services to help our society achieve sustainable development.