In these 95 years of history, we reached the position of Brazil’s largest bank¹ and we are considered the most valuable brand in Brazil by publications such as Interbrand, among other important recognitions. These achievements are the result of the way we run our business, always placing ethics ahead results, constantly seeking innovation and excellence.  

We grew by helping people and Brazil grow, encouraging the development of those around us. We work to make dreams come true, to awaken the will to do more and better. This is the meaning of our trajectory and this is our purpose: to stimulate people’s power of transformation.  

Behind everything we do, there are people. It is people who have ideas, who become solutions, who change the lives of other people. Disclosing the purpose of Itaú Unibanco is part of the reaffirmation of our reason to exist, expanding the power that every person has to invent and to reinvent themselves. To this end, it is necessary to engage all employees towards the same direction. In line with this purpose, the arrival of Itaú Unibanco’s new CEO was characterized by the incorporation of this purpose into the organization, which gave rise to the definition of six strategic priorities that will guide our actions over the coming years: Customer Centricity, Digital Transformation, People Management, Risk Management, Sustainable Development and Internationalization.  

These priorities are part of a perception of market trends and challenges facing the institution that is shared by the Executive Committee, organize initiatives that were in progress throughout the bank, and reinforcing our commitment to employees, clients, stockholders and society. The purpose of Itaú Unibanco was not born in 2017. It has always existed inside everybody who has been part of this organization and who now perpetuate this legacy. We are people who drive people. 

Itaú Unibanco’s vision is to be a leading bank in sustainable performance and customer satisfaction. For Itaú Unibanco, sustainable performance is to create shared value for employees, clients, stockholders and society, ensuring the longevity of the business. 

(¹) In terms of total assets in accordance with the Central Bank of Brazil.

Overview of Itaú Unibanco

Overview of Itaú Unibanco

We are an Universal Bank 

We are an Universal Bank

Our commitment is to positively impact through our business.

We understand material topics to be those that can affect our value creation capacity in the short-, medium- and long-terms from the point of view of our management and main stakeholders. We carried out a strategic review that led us to adopt new materiality. Material topics were identified in this process, which were discussed, internally validated and externally assured by independent auditors. After this analysis, we made dialogues with stakeholders such as representatives of civil society, sustainability experts, employees and leaders to define our areas of impact. This review resulted in eight Positive Impact Commitments – Financiamento em setores de impacto Positivo, Investimento Responsável, Inclusão e Empreendedorismo, Cidadania Financeira, Transparência nas comunicações, Gestão Inclusiva, Ética nas relações e nos negócios e Gestão Responsável – specific and measurable commitments to guide our business in the coming years.

These commitments were defined based on our long-term strategic agenda in which client centricity is the key, supported by three fundamental pillars: digital transformation, people and efficiency. Additionally, we address our alignment with the global context, since we have factored in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) to develop our Positive Impact Commitments.

The sustainability vision is embedded into our corporate strategy through a consolidated governance structure integrated into our business. It enables us to incorporate environmental, social and economic issues and trends into daily activities and processes, identify the departments able to handle them and periodically monitor the performance and indicators of these issues, thus ensuring the progress of these topics promoting a positive impact.