business model

We are the largest Brazilian private bank by market value, and the most valuable brand in Latin America, valued at US$8.7 billion, according to Brand Finance’s 2023 Global 500 Ranking. With a vast array of sector-specific products in Brazil, as well as through our brands and business partnerships, we offer a wide range of services across several channels, making us a full-service, universal bank.

We grant discounts, promotions, and exclusive advantages, and offer solutions for our clients’ daily needs, forming a beyond banking ecosystem and meeting the needs of all types of individuals and corporate clients, both in Brazil and abroad.

The most valuable brand in Latin America

in market value

Based on our AVS calculation (Added Value Statement), we added

to society in 2022


Our corporate strategy is based on three main elements, which guide us in the pursuit of our ambitions:

Being the first choice of customers and building the best-loved brand: offering support and fascination in the key moments for people and businesses.

To efficiently provide exceptional client experiences: generating objectivity, customized solutions, and agility, based on methodologies that facilitate interaction with customers and on the use of flexible, modern platforms.

Grow sustainably: maintaining a leadership position in key segments to promote profitability and explore segments beyond the traditional profit segments of the financial industry, and which are strategic to our business.

Estratégia - RAI Itaú 2022

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Our culture establishes the drivers required to stay on track towards achieving our strategic goals, our vision and our purpose.

Goal: fuel people’s power of transformation.

Vision: to be a leading bank in sustainable performance and customer satisfaction.

Itubers Culture: values that guide the organization’s cultural transformation, reflect our identity, and outline the way in which we will achieve our ambitions.

ESG and climate change

Our strategic environmental, social, climate and governance vision, launched in 2019 and reviewed annually, is the result of an ongoing process for identifying and assessing global opportunities, risks and challenges, and informed by dialogue with our main stakeholders. The goal of this process is to identify and prioritize sustainability-related topics that are most relevant for the business, i.e. those with the greatest potential impact generated (or impacted) by our activities and operations.

These topics are grouped into ten positive impact commitments, aligned with the local context in which we operate, and with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals. Our commitments include more than 50 short-, medium- and long-term goals, which guide the management and mitigation of risks, and expand the ESG opportunities inherent in our business, in pursuit of more sustainable performance.