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Itubers Culture and our new set of values


For us at Itaú, transformation begins when we look back, recognize all that we have built together so far and are proud of it, but know that what has brought us here is no longer enough to achieve our ambitions for the future.

The last few years have been challenging and have pushed us to evolve our culture and way of working: horizontality, agility, collaboration, digital mindset, efficiency, and customer centricity have become more and more part of our vocabulary and day-to-day experience.

Transforming ourselves is not a fast race – it is a marathon, but we embrace the challenge and understand that transformation only happens if each of us transforms ourselves along the way.

In 2021, the start of our transformation journey was already given, we established a new work model, simplified the hierarchy among directors with a new executive committee, had a new partner program with many more openings, diversity present in the Trainee program, openings and training for people with disabilities, transgender people, Open Finance, iVarejo2030 with full force, e-Sports sponsorship, new brand positioning and a new campaign, a new internal communication format, among many things that were and are being carried out.

As we began to take these first steps of the transformation in practice, we realized the importance of starting the transformation of the declared culture and giving visibility to the values that will take us into our future.

We saw the need for these new values to tell about what we already are and, most importantly, what we want to be.

And these values will be our guide to live the transformation journey.

Ethics are non-negotiable

For us, ethics has no re-reading or updating

It is to do what is right, always.

Without shortcuts, always analyzing the risks.

We put the cliente first

Itubers are determined to wow the client.

Itubers innovate based on the client’s needs.

Itubers always make things simple

We don’t have all the answers

Itubers are curious about the world and are always learning.

Itubers test, make mistakes, learn and improve.

Itubers use data intensively, to learn, and to make better decisions.

We have each other’s back

Itubers trust in each other and are autonomous

Itubers help each other and ask for help.

Itubers, together, make one Itaú.

We treasure diversity and inclusion

Itubers are as diverse as our clients.

Itubers welcome different points of view.

Itubers stay true to who we are and we express ourselves openly.

We are driven by results

Itubers are ambitious in their goals and efficient in their execution.

Itubers are committed to sustainable growth.

Itubers make a positive impact on society.