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DJSI Itaú Unibanco composes
the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the 19th consecutive time
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  • 10/29/2018

    Earnings Release – 3rd Quarter of 2018


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6 Strategic Fronts

Continuous Improvement
<div class="h3 bold mb-0">People Management</div>
People Management
  • improvement of our incentive models;
  • new cooperative work dynamics (assessment tools);
  • dissemination of what we call Nosso Jeito (Our Way - meritocracy, ethics and respect).
<div class="h3 bold mb-0">Sustainable Profitability</div>
Sustainable Profitability
  • increase efficiency;
  • identify opportunities to reduce costs;
  • manage investments to gain agility;
  • efficient management of capital allocation through a proper cost of capital.
<div class="h3 bold mb-0">Customer Satisfaction</div>
Customer Satisfaction
  • Differentiated and new experiences for the client;
  • “Service culture” always focused on customer satisfaction and long-term relationship.
<div class="h3 bold mb-0">Risk Management</div>
Risk Management
  • compliance with the Risk Appetite.
  • Managing risks is the essence of our activity and a responsibility of all employees.
<div class="h3 bold mb-0"> Digital Transformation</div>
Digital Transformation
  • Speed up our digital transformation process;
  • Increase in the productivity of our IT Department;
  • Dissemination of the digital mindset throughout the bank;
  • Efficiency and improvement of user experience and customer satisfaction
<div class="h3 bold mb-0">Internationalization</div>
  • Reach in the countries where we operate the same management quality and level of results we have in Brazil.
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