Itaú BBA - Op Ed
  • "A Year of Diminished Expectations", by Ilan Goldfajn  

    Little is expected from 2014. That’s not so bad. The advantage is that positive news will have more impact than negative news

  • The Art of Floating and Intervening, by Ilan Goldfajn  

    They say the exchange rate was invented to keep us humble.

  • "Surprises of 2012 and Their Implications", by Ilan Goldfajn  

    In Brazil and around the globe, the feeling is in fact one of transition between long economic cycles

  • Brazil Needs Rebalancing, by Ilan Goldfajn  

    Two years of weak growth shows clearly that Brazil needs to rebalance its economy.

  • “Well-Being and Well-Doing” by Ilan Goldfajn  

    There is evidence that traditional measures of economic performance, such as GDP and consumption, do not reflect the evolution of well-being in a society.

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