Itaú BBA - Team


Mario Mesquita

Dr. Mário Mesquita is Chief Economist and partner at Itaú Unibanco, Brazil’s largest private-sector bank. He holds a doctorate degree in Economics from Oxford University. Mário has served as a senior partner at Banco Brasil Plural, a Deputy Governor for the Central Bank of Brazil, the Chief Economist at ABN AMRO Brazil and LATAM, the Economics Director at FEBRABAN (the Brazilian Bankers Federation) and an economist for the IMF.

André Cardoso Barbeiro Matcin

André Matcin holds a bachelor degree and a master degree in Economics from Insper. He joined Itaú's Macro Research sell-side team in 2015, and is responsible for reports, meetings and conference calls with clients

Diego Ciongo

He covers Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay economies based in Itaú Unibanco Argentina. He previoulsy worked at the central bank of Argentina as senior economist in macroecononic research. Diego holds a degree from UNQ and a postgraduate degree from UCA.

Fernando M. Gonçalves

Fernando M. Gonçalves holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley, an M.A. in Economics from FGV-RJ and a B.A. in Industrial Engineering from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Before joining Itaú, Fernando was head of economic research at Vinci Partners, worked at two other asset management firms in Brazil – JGP and Ventor Investimentos – and was an economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In 2015 and 2016, Fernando was also a professor at the Professional Master Program in Economics and Finance of PUC-RJ. His vast experience includes the coverage of Brazilian and international economies, including various presentations and road shows for institutional clients. He is currently head of the sell-side area in the Macroeconomic research team at Itaú.

Guilherme B. Martins

Dr. Martins has been an economist at Itaú Unibanco since 2011. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Columbia University. Mr. Martins is the economist of the treasury desk of Itaú Unibanco and he is in charge of macroeconomic analysis for international economies excluding Latin America. Previously he was based in London and in charge of macroeconomic analysis for Europe. Mr. Martins also worked as a strategist for emerging markets at Deutsche Bank in New York, in the investment banking area of Itaú BBA and as a fixed income manager at Unibanco Asset Management.

Igor Barreto Rose

Igor Rose joined the economic research team at Itaú BBA in 2018, integrating the Sell-Side team as one of the responsible for studies, reports, meetings and conference calls with clients. He holds a master's and bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of São Paulo and has experience in the financial and in the real sector.

João Pedro Bumachar Resende

Is responsible for covering Latin American economies, ex-Brazil. He holds a Business Management degree from FGV-SP (2003) and a master’s degree in Economics from PUC-RJ (2006). He worked in the economics department of Banco BBM for two years before joining Unibanco, also in the economics department, in October 2008.

Juan C. Barboza

Is responsible for covering Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay based in Itaú Unibanco Argentina. He previously he worked Argentina`s Central Bank as principal reserve manager. He started his career at the Ministry of Economy, where he worked in several positions, such as finance undersecretary, financial representative for Europe based in London and director of financial information. Juan holds a bachelor’s degree from Universidad de Buenos Aires and a master’s degree from Universidad del CEMA, and was in the executive finance program at the London Business School.

Julia Passabom Araujo

Julia Passabom Araujo holds a Ph.D in Economics from the University of São Paulo (USP), and an M.A. and B.A. from the same institution. Julia is responsible for inflation forecasts at Itaú. Before joining Itaú, Julia has worked in an asset management firm (M Safra 2016-2017) in which she was responsible for inflation forecasts for Brazil and analysis of economies in the Euro Zone. She also worked at Banco Fator (2014-2016) and was an assistant professor of macroeconomics at Insper (2014-2018).

Julia Wrobel Folescu Gottlieb

Has been an economist at Itaú Unibanco since May 2014. Initially, was responsible for covering external accounts and exchange rate. Currently, is also responsible for the division that analyzes the main macroeconomic indicators in Brazil. Previously, she worked as an analyst at the Chief Economist Office for Latin America at the World Bank in Washington DC (2013-2014) and as an intern at Galanto Consultoria (2008-2010). She holds an Economics degree from PUC-Rio (2010) and a master’s degree in Economics also from PUC-Rio (2013).

Julio Cesar Ruiz Alvarez

Is responsible for covering the economies of Mexico and Peru. Previously worked at the Chief economist office in Mexico’s Ministry of Finance in several positions, such as Deputy General Director of Economic Policy, Director of Financial Planning and Head of the Investor Relations Office. He started his career as an economist in Mexico’s Central Bank and holds a bachelor degree in economics from ITAM (Mexico) and a master degree in public administration (MPA) with a specialization in economic policy and international finance from Columbia University (New York).

Laura Candido de Souza Pitta

Has been an economist at Itaú Unibanco since March 2015. Previously, she was an Economics professor at PUC-Rio (2014) and worked as an intern at Ventor Investimentos. At Itaú, she was a part of the Macro Research sell-side team, developing proprietary indicators, writing regular reports and participating in meetings and conference calls with clients. Laura is now responsible for covering China and metals and energy commodities. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics (2010-2015) and a bachelor degree (2009) from PUC-Rio.

Luka Barbosa

Joined Itaú´s macro team in 2010, and has engaged in multiple challenges inside the department. Spent several years in the sell-side team, with primary focus on fixed income clients in Brazil, U.S., Europe and Asia. This coverage involved macroeconomic analysis and fixed income investment recommendations in the main Latam countries. In the macro research and forecasting department, Luka spent several years focused on fiscal policy, and now is responsible for the coverage of economic activity in Brazil. Luka has an Economics degree from PUC-SP and a master’s degree in Economics from Insper.

Pedro Castanheira Schneider

Pedro Schneider has been an economist in Itaú since July 2014. It is the responsible for the analysis of Brazil's fiscal policy and politics and coordinates the area that provides studies and presentations of the macroeconomic, regional and sectorial scenario to the Itaú conglomerate. Pedro holds a master degree on economics from USP.

Pedro Victor Pimenta Renault Coelho

Economist at Itaú since 2012, Pedro holds a bachelor in Economics from UFMG and a master’s degree from Universitat Pompeu Fabra. He is currently in the Sell Side team, responsible for covering institutional and corporate clients. Before that, he worked on the modeling of alternative and stress scenarios, inflation and monetary policy forecasting.