Itaú BBA - Op Ed
  • Non-traditional risks, By Ilan Goldfajn  

    Non-traditional risks are unlikely scenarios but would have major repercussions.

  • Euphoria Amid the Crisis  

    Now is not the time to sanction market euphoria.

  • Tax Revenues in Brazil Declining Faster Than GDP  

    Tax revenues are a problem because they depend on wages that are slower than GDP to recover.

  • What Surprises Does 2016 Have in Store for Brazil?  

    In Brazil, almost anything could be qualified as a surprise, since no scenario seems plausible

  • 2015 – An Unfinished Year in Brazil  

    Restoring confidence is the key factor for economic recovery. This will only be possible when the political/fiscal knot is untied.

  • What Is the Alternative?  

    Is the solution to accept a primary deficit? Definitely not.

  • What is the diagnosis for Brazil?, by Ilan Goldfajn  

    It has become clear that it is not feasible to maintain such inefficient cost structures in a world that is very different.

  • How is Brazil getting out of this one?, by Ilan Goldfajn  

    The implementation of the adjustments will remove a major obstacle, but will not be enough on its own to restore confidence.

  • What Now for Latin America? - Speech by Ilan Goldfajn  

    Previous cycles are gone, there is a need to offer new sources of growth in LA

  • From Misadjustment to Adjustment. Now What?, by Ilan Goldfajn  

    While adjustments are saving Brazil from falling off the cliff, the misadjustments of the past still weigh on the economy

  • Brazil’s Reality Show, by Ilan Goldfajn  

    The government needs to stick to the adjustments. Otherwise, the word “crisis” will return to the table

  • The ’Impossible’ Brazilian Trinity, by Ilan Goldfajn  

    The year began with hefty challenges for the Brazilian economy.

  • "Will emerging economies submerge, while advanced economies emerge?", by Ilan Goldfajn  

    The beginning of 2014 came with a warning that sounded like flight instructions: fasten your belts as the year is about to start.

  • "A Year of Diminished Expectations", by Ilan Goldfajn  

    Little is expected from 2014. That’s not so bad. The advantage is that positive news will have more impact than negative news

  • The Art of Floating and Intervening, by Ilan Goldfajn  

    They say the exchange rate was invented to keep us humble.

  • "Surprises of 2012 and Their Implications", by Ilan Goldfajn  

    In Brazil and around the globe, the feeling is in fact one of transition between long economic cycles

  • Brazil Needs Rebalancing, by Ilan Goldfajn  

    Two years of weak growth shows clearly that Brazil needs to rebalance its economy.

  • “Forecasts for Brazil in the new global context”  

    Will it work? If by “work” we mean that the economy will grow faster than the latest GDP reading, the answer is yes.

  • “Well-Being and Well-Doing” by Ilan Goldfajn  

    There is evidence that traditional measures of economic performance, such as GDP and consumption, do not reflect the evolution of well-being in a society.

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