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IDAT-Activity – Brazil

June 30, 2021

The 7-day moving average receded 0.3 points, to 100.3

Our daily economic activity tracker (IDAT-Activity) decreased 0.3 points, to 99.0 (latest available data from Saturday, June 26). The 7-day moving average declined 0.3 points, to 100.3. 

At the margin, the indicator is 25.1 points up from the recent bottom seen on April 4, and is now 13.0 points below this year's highest level, registered on June 12. Compared to its lowest level (April 10, 2020), the index is currently 49.6 points up.

The IDAT-Activity indicator has a significantly smaller coverage than the Itaú Unibanco Monthly GDP, which includes many other variables and is released on a monthly basis. In our estimate, the magnitude of changes in GDP is substantially smaller than that of the IDAT-Activity.

The complete family of IDAT indexes (Activity, Employment and Wages) can be found at Bloomberg (ticker: ALLX PIBI) platform. The IDAT-Activity series can be found at Broadcast and ValorPRO (ticker: IDAT) platforms.

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