Itaú BBA - FX and Capital Markets
  • BRL strengthens in line with peers  

    The BRL closed the week at 3.65 reais per dollar, gaining 2.3% and performing in line with its peers

  • BRL underperforms its peers  

    The BRL appreciated slightly (0.3%) but underperformed most of its peers

  • BRL reaches its weakest level in 2018  

    The Brazilian currency depreciated 1.0%, underperforming its peers

  • International scenario pressures FX market  

    Less benign international scenario put pressure on emerging market currencies

  • Central Bank signals full rollover of FX swap contracts  

    BRL virtually unchanged during a week marked by low volatility

  • BRL is still trading around 3.25  

    The Brazilian real continued to trade near 3.25 per dollar.

  • BRL ended 2017 at 3.31  

    Amid a benign international scenario and reduced liquidity, the BRL ended the final session of the year at 3.31.

  • BRL appreciates amid a benign environment for EM  

    Greater risk appetite globally and government efforts to push reforms favored the BRL.

  • Dollar strength pressures FX markets  

    Expectations of a boost to the U.S. economy strengthened the dollar and pressured FX markets

  • Low U.S. inflation boosts emerging market currencies  

    Lower-than-estimated inflation in the U.S. weakens the dollar.

  • Currency outflows for the second month in a row  

    After ending last year and January 2016 in positive territory, the currency flow was negative in February and March.

  • Trade-Related and Financial Flows Reversed  

    Both trade-related and financial outflows occurred, of USD 1.1 billion and USD 3.3 billion respectively.

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