Itaú BBA - Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our overriding purpose is to contribute decisively to the success of our clients, developing their business in order to achieve sustainable leadership, playing a significant role in the growth of the countries where we operate, and in the advancement of the people who are directly or indirectly served by the projects we support. Being the bank of choice for our clients and the employer of choice for the best professionals is a goal that we strive for constantly and relentlessly.

Working with the client and for the client
Our commitment to our clients’ success is genuine and nonnegotiable. Providing service to clients is part of our essence and the source of our professional pride. Satisfying clients requires an attitude of closeness, knowing how to listen, with the ability to anticipate needs and build long-term partnerships. We use our international structure to find solutions wherever they may be, while relying on our creativity to precisely perceive the needs of each client. We dedicate our time to the clients because we know that we can only serve them fully once we know them thoroughly.

Our people make the difference
Itaú BBA’s image is made up of the attitudes and actions of its professionals, and we attract professionals who are compatible with our image. People who assume total responsibility for their challenges, who are not afraid of attracting and developing the best talents, who handle each internal or external contact with the genuine involvement and cordiality expected from a bank that builds its reputation based on its people. While we value individuality and each worker’s unique performance, we also want talents who are not only skilled at teamwork but enjoy and prefer working in this way.

We cultivate a challenging environment that welcomes questioning
A great deal of certainty is dangerous. Certainties are comfortable and lead to accommodation. We understand that even when we believe deeply in something we should still question it. The strength of our reputation springs from our capacity to do things better and differently, and from our restlessness and daring attitude.

We are small and large at the same time
When we were smaller, we never stopped thinking big. Now we are big, but we haven’t lost the closeness, the flexibility, the boldness and pace we had when we were small. We do this by constantly combining the best of two worlds: the strengths of a large bank and the innovativeness of a small one. Balancing the controls and structured processes of a large corporation with the entrepreneurial attitude of a startup is not only a challenge, it is our work philosophy.

We think and act like owners
We want everyone at Itaú BBA to be able to think and act like an owner. This means people who are passionate about what they do, who thoroughly know the ins and outs of the business because they are intensely immersed in it on a day-to-day basis, who are able to go beyond the limits of their job descriptions and the interests of their specific areas. Our talents take pleasure in assuming a leadership role in the bank’s management, knowing how to take care of all the details.