Itaú BBA - Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

The Executive Committee of Itaú BBA is made up of the CEO of the institution and the officers from the business and support areas. 

The Board of Directors represents the interests of shareholders and is elected every three years at the shareholders general meeting. The Board is Itaú BBA's largest deliberative body, and it retains a direct link with the Itaú Unibanco Holding.

The Board ensures that the company business is conducted in accordance with our guidelines. Established according to Itaú BBA operating policies, the Board provides direction for the bank and monitors its management as a whole.

Members of Itaú's BBA Board of Directors:

Roberto Egydio Setubal

Deputy Chairmen
Alfredo Egydio Setubal
Candido Botelho Bracher

Antonio Carlos Barbosa de Oliveira
Caio Ibrahim David
Eduardo Mazzilli de Vassimon
Henri Penchas
João Dionísio Filgueira Barreto Amoêdo