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Our Initiatives

How do you determine the extent of a banks territory? It could be said that a bank begins and ends with its clients, but this description more closely resembles a cycle than a bounded area. And is this cycle finite? If we consider that the client universe is forever expanding, we realize that it’s becoming ever more difficult to mark out a corporate map.

In fact, with every passing day the answer to this question becomes more complicated. As an intermediary, a bank is always reminded that it can never be hermetically sealed. A bank is simply a medium – a financial connection between people, as individuals or in corporations. This notion of connectedness permeates all of Itaú BBA's activities.

Whether it is making a project finance decision or selecting a sponsorship, Itaú BBA does not behave as a provider of resources, but as a part of this ecosystem. Its role, it could be said, is merely to give life to great projects from great corporations and, in this way, to contribute to a society that is continually getting better for all, for a long time to come.