We have operated in Brazil for over 90 years and, throughout this period, have achieved a high level of maturity in management, have made our culture known and have consistently recorded profitability levels that create value for our stockholders.


Our strategy in other Latin America countries foresees that we will achieve, in this region, the same management standards Itaú Unibanco enjoys in Brazil, homogenizing practices and setting up conditions to take on even more leading positions. These objectives apply to our operations in the Southern Cone, and are particularly relevant in the Itaú CorpBanca integration process, a result from the merger between Itaú Chile and CorpBanca (a significant competitor in the banking markets in Chile and Colombia).

We also seek to strengthen our operations in the Northern hemisphere, where we have the primary objective of simplifying and optimizing our operations. In Latin America, we always seek to improve client satisfaction, as well as develop products and services with digital solutions and bases. The main challenge is to accelerate the digital transformation in all our external units.

Finally, Itaú Unibanco continuously monitors the international scenario, seeking to understand different markets, businesses, products and services, identifying opportunities to expand operations and to integrate our units.