In 2017, we unveiled Itaú Unibanco’s purpose to our employees and highlighted the values that are part of our essence and have brought us here.

In our 93 years of history, we have become the largest bank in Brazil, and are deemed Brazil’s most valued brand (according to Interbrand), among other relevant recognitions. These achievements are the result of the way we conduct business, by always placing ethics ahead of results and consistently seeking innovation and excellence.

We have grown by helping people and our country to grow, by encouraging the progress of those who are by our side. We work to make dreams come true, to boost development, and to foment the will to do increasingly more and to do it better. This is what our journey means and this is our purpose: empowering people to change.

There are people behind everything we do. People who have ideas, who become the solutions, and who change the lives of other people. Unveiling Itaú Unibanco’s purpose is part of the reaffirmation of our reason to exist, by increasing the power every person has to invent and reinvent themselves. For this end, we need to have the engagement of all employees towards the same pathway.

In line with this purpose, the arrival of Itaú Unibanco’s new Executive President was marked by this purpose being integrated into the organization, which led to the development of the six strategic priorities that will guide our actions in the coming years: Client Centricity, Digital Transformation, People Management, Risk Management, Sustainable Profitability, and Internationalization.

These priorities were developed based on the perception shared by the Executive Committee of market trends and the challenges faced by the institution, and underpin initiatives that are in progress throughout the bank already, reinforcing our commitment to employees, clients, stockholders and society.

Itaú Unibanco’s purpose was not born in 2017, but rather has always existed within all people who were part of this organization and within those who now keep this legacy alive. We are people who move people.